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National Teams

The Pakistan Esports Federation (PESA) is dedicated to fostering talent and promoting esports excellence nationwide. As part of our commitment to nurturing the esports community, we are organizing championships and competitions across Pakistan, spanning every region of the country.

Our primary objective is to identify and showcase talented players and teams, providing them with opportunities to elevate their skills and compete at the national level. Through these grassroots events, we aim to discover promising individuals who have the potential to represent Pakistan on the international stage.

Whether you’re a player, coach, or simply passionate about esports, we encourage you to register with PESA and become part of our growing network. By joining us, you’ll not only gain access to exciting competitive opportunities but also contribute to the development and success of esports in Pakistan.

If you believe you have what it takes to excel in esports or have valuable expertise to offer, we invite you to register with PESA today and embark on a journey towards esports greatness. Together, let’s build a thriving esports community and propel Pakistan to new heights of esports achievement.

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